Story Focused Corporate Video For Industry Leading Brands

Go Creative Media is a full-service video production agency based in the heart of West Sussex, UK.

Trusted By Top Brands Worldwide:

Big brands understand the importance of storytelling…

We’ve worked with dozens of industry leaders to help them tell their story.

No matter what your goals are. Video is one of the most powerful brand awareness & marketing tools available. 

Go Creative Media can help you attract new customers, share your message and engage employees with ease.

Service 1

Full Production

The complete Go Creative experience. From conception to delivery.

Video is one of the most powerful lead conversion tools on the planet. So, when you’ve invested thousands in your branding & your website…

It makes sense to complete your site with eye-catching video content too.

We’ll take you through our tried and tested process. That delivers the perfect blend of storytelling and promotion. 

No matter if it’s an in-house training video, product promo or TV ad. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your vision is realised every step of the way. 

Go Creative Media Specialises In...

Conferences & Events
Recruitment Videos
Documentaries & Marketing
Video Testimonial Video Service Surrey UK

Video Testimonials

In today’s competitive marketplace, written testimonials are worth less & less to prospects. Why? They’re easily faked.

A video testimonial is a far superior trust signal that not only shows off the words people say about you…

But the passion with which they say it.

- Builds trust
- Powerful social proof
- More versatile
Conference and Event Video Service Surrey UK

Conferences & Events

Hosting an event can be an amazing boost for your brand’s reputation. So, if you’re going to spend all that money on hosting…

Why not immortalise it on video. Make it a part of the company's history.

Enjoy amazing ROI by using your event across advertising, recruitment, social media posts and more.

- Immortalise your event
- Usable across marketing channels
- Attract top talent & more leads
Recruitment video service Surrey UK

Recruitment Videos

Prospective employees are becoming more selective when it comes to who they work for. 

Recruitment videos are an excellent way to showcase your company culture. While highlighting the reasons why your business is a great next step in anyone’s career.

- Attract the top talent
- Stand out from the competition
- Connect on a more personal level

Training Video Service Surrey UK

Training Videos

High quality training videos are vitally important no matter your industry. You need to train your team and you want to train them fast.

You need videos that will keep your employees engaged from start to finish.

- Cost effective
- Time efficient
- Global reach
Documentaries & Marketing Video Service Surrey UK

Documentaries & Marketing

One of the greatest storytelling devices is “show don’t tell”. The same applies to the corporate world. 

By documenting your brand’s story and success. You’ll open a vast array of marketing and growth opportunities.

- Capture & showcase your successes
- Build your brand’s legacy
- Strengthen company culture

Service 2


Nothing brings your brand’s story to life like animation!

Go Creative Media specialises in both 2D and 3D animation in a range of styles.

Perfect for training/explainer videos. We craft our animations with utmost care and attention to detail.

From animated overlays or a full scale animated production…

Nothing is out of reach!

Go Creative Media Specialises In...

Infographics & Explainer Videos
Animated Training Videos
Animated Ads & Marketing

Infographics & Explainer Videos

Businesses with animated explainer videos enjoy 66% more qualified leads than the competition.

Not only does an explainer video make it easy to sell complex concepts. It shows that your brand provides a more trustworthy, premium service.

- Increase your conversions
- Make information more digestible
- Boost page retention

Animated Training Videos

Great training videos keep their viewer engaged. Animated training videos effectively break down complex concepts, making them easier to teach.

Animated training videos also represent a more cost effective option from in-person training.

- Simulate unusual or dangerous situations
- Easier to be clear and concise
- Increased attention retention
Animated Training Videos Service Surrey UK

Animated Ads & Marketing

Animated ads can be a powerful marketing tool. They make for great evergreen content thanks to their timeless look & feel.

They also present a more cost effective option. Because you can realise your creative vision on a much smaller budget.

- Easy to dub into other languages
- Effective for smaller budgets
- Eye catching compared to live action
Animated Ads Video Service Surrey UK

Service 3

Video Editing

Shot some footage yourself that you’re not sure what to do with?

Perhaps you have footage from other agencies that you need cut into an amazing promo reel?

We’ll transform your raw footage. Turning it into a visually compelling story that elevates your brand.

Using our powerful editing suite. We can provide you with stunning motion graphics...

Crafted to add further visual interest and hammer home your messaging!
Video Editing Service Surrey UK

Go Creative Media Specialises In...

Sound Treatment Video Editing Service Surrey UK

Sound Treatment

Audio is one of the most important aspects of video production. Corporate environments, like office buildings, don't often make for great sets.

Noisy lighting, background chatter and air conditioning can make your video unwatchable.

Our editing suite comes equipped with powerful software. Specially designed to scrub your audio of annoying and unwanted noise.
Motion Graphics Video Editing Service Surrey UK

Motion Graphics

Creating great motion graphics is a fine art. It’s also the secret sauce that will take your video to the next level.

Highlighting key information and directing the viewer's attention to what matters most.

Clarifying your messaging, while elevating your branding with animated logos. Enhancing the production value.

Footage Rescue Video Editing Service Surrey UK

Footage Rescue

Turning your phone camera on and hitting record is easy. 

Transforming that into a great piece of marketing material is not so easy…

Our powerful editing suite allows us to save shaky, badly recorded footage. Transforming it into something that serves you.

Service 4

Broadcasts & Live Streaming

Thanks to our extensive professional-grade equipment and seasoned camera operators…

You’re ready to open up a whole new world for your marketing.

Live Streaming drives up to 6x conversions when compared with regular video. While driving more comments & engagement.

It’s a powerful new marketing tool that many businesses have yet to adopt.

Go Creative Media can help you get ahead of the curve.
Broadcasting Videography Services Surrey UK

Go Creative Media Specialises In...

Live Interviews
& Podcasts
Live Interviews and Podcast video services Surrey Uk

Live Interviews & Podcasts

Live interviews and podcasts have taken the world by storm. Quickly becoming one of the most powerful brand awareness tools on the planet.

It's the perfect platform to showcase expertise and connect with potential prospects.
Live Event Videography Services Surrey UK

Live Events

Looking to generate a buzz around your brand? Nothing works better than a live broadcast of your latest event or conference.

There’s a reason millions tune in to Apple’s product launches. Nothing says “something big is about to happen” like a live broadcast.

Why You Need Video

Strengthen Your Brand Identity
Today’s global marketplace is more crowded than ever. Strong video content video brings your brand story to life. It's the closest thing to face-to-face interaction in the digital world.
Build Trust
Help your customers put a face to a name. Video is the single most powerful trust signal simply because it’s the most human.
Supercharge Your SEO
Increased page retention and improved accessibility are just a couple of benefits of high quality video for SEO.
Improve Conversion Rates
Soft sell your products/services without endless reels of copy. Video is the most digestible way to present the info your customers need before they buy.
Highlight Company Culture
Culture matters more & more these days. Your partners, investors and customers all want to see that you’re promoting a healthy and inclusive work environment.
Showcase Expertise
The camera never lies. Video allows you to position yourself as an undeniable expert in your industry. Showcase your expertise and watch the sales roll in.

Meet Aaron

Aaron’s always been a passionate videographer. Even from the ages of 6 & 7, he was making short films on an old camcorder.

Today, he’s one of the UK’s most respected videographers. 

Having freelanced for many video agencies for many years. In 2016 Aaron decided it was time to plant his stake in the ground and build his own video production company.

His focus?

To bring the “story first” mindset of filmmaking to the corporate video world. Swiftly earning a reputation for making dull corporate video engaging.

His talents were soon noticed by established companies and startups alike. Landing several contracts doing everything from training videos to animated ad campaigns.

Aaron and his team pride themselves on their versatility and performance under pressure. Delivering fantastic results on even the tightest of deadlines.
Aaron and his team know that situations can change come shooting day. They're skilled at adapting to change while still producing great results.
Talking to camera can be stressful for the inexperienced. Aaron is a specialist when it comes to making people feel comfortable in front of the lens. 


Conception: Clarifying Your 

Conception: Clarifying Your Vision

So you’ve signed on the dotted line… Great choice!

The first step is to hand over your script, in order for us to get a clear idea of your vision. 

Don’t have a script? No problem. 

We’ll have a meeting to clarify your objectives and your message.

- Who are you trying to speak to?
- What marketing channels are we focusing on?
- How do you want to tell your story?

We’ll then do some thorough research on your competitors and peers in order to ensure you stand out from the rest.

This will give us all the info we need to finalise the project.

The Shoot: Bringing Your Idea To 

The Shoot: Bringing Your Idea To Life

Location chosen? Shooting day booked? Let’s get to it!

Creating a great atmosphere is the name of the game here. Speaking to camera can be a nerve-wracking experience for the uninitiated. So, nailing the atmosphere around the shoot is vital.

- Is everyone watered and fed? 
- Has everyone run through their lines/talking points? 
- Is everyone feeling full of enthusiasm?

It may seem trivial... But making sure everyone feels comfortable is vital to a productive, well-paced day.

Post Production: Nailing the 

Post Production: Nailing the Edit

Great post-production is all down to the organisation. We must comb through and organise each piece of raw video.

This makes it easy to hand off the footage to another editor. But we like our workflow to be as efficient as possible regardless...

Beyond that, it’s all about systematically nailing each part of the final edit.

- Every shot in focus and on point?
- Each cut as tight as possible?
- Colour grading looking vibrant and distinct?
- Are the brand assets, like logos in place?

Post-production is where our eye for detail and storytelling really shine.

Project Complete: Delivering The 

Project Complete: Delivering The Result

Firstly, nothing gets deleted…

When it comes time to hand over the finished result. You’ll receive a download link with the final edit. Should you prefer, we can always hand over a hard drive too.

Should you wish to revert to a previous version later or grab snippets, raw footage or anything else. We keep everything backed up on our secure servers.

Thanks to our meticulous post-production process. We can easily whip up an edit of anything else you might need from the shoot as the need arises.

What People Say About Aaron
Conquer The Internet
"From the word 'go' Aaron knew exactly what it was we wanted to achieve, and he was super accommodating. His input was absolutely invaluable."
"Go Creative Media are fantastic to work with – they work efficiently and quickly, reply to emails at all hours of the day, and create engaging and informative video edits that work fantastically across social media and YouTube. Would highly recommend for all your corporate video needs!"
Partner Event Promotions
"Go Creative Media are an excellent choice for an organisation like ours, who require a reliable, professional video production partner"
Slough Children’s Trust
"Go Creative were very attentive for our event. They were patient and produced some lovely imagery for us to capture the evening in a perfect way. Lovely people, and we would definitely book them again. We would recommend to friends, family and professionals. Excellent."
Vanguard Consultancy
"We have been working with Go Creative Media across a number of organisations and business projects from high end quality customer success videos to multi camera / media sporting events for large audiences, the style and size of the projects change but Aaron and his teams quality never does! Couldn’t recommend Go Creative highly enough!"
Slough Children’s Trust
"Go Creative were very attentive for our event. They were patient and produced some lovely imagery for us to capture the evening in a perfect way. Lovely people, and we would definitely book them again. We would recommend to friends, family and professionals. Excellent."


Got Any Questions?

It very much depends. Some projects are easier to execute than others. 

We break down our costs based on our daily rate and the cost of equipment & location hire.

If our quote is out of your budget we will do our best to facilitate a project scope that is more budget-friendly.
It varies quite dramatically depending on the scope of the project. 

A simple video testimonial can be turned around in less than a week.

While more ambitious projects may take much longer.

Turnaround times will be clarified before the project commences.
As many assets as you’ve got. More assets mean more options.

The essentials for a great video are:

- A Hi-Res PNG of your logo
- PNGs of any other graphics, taglines, etc
- Any branding documentation
- Your brand colours
We can help you with that! We work closely with some fantastic graphic designers who can help you develop some fantastic brand assets.

If you have nothing but a simple logo we can bring it to life by creating animated versions. Helping you get more mileage out of what you’ve got.


Get Started With Your Project

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